The "Seasonal" Offer, the top-of-the-range offer of Carte de Restaurant during your high season

Thanks to the “Seasonal” offer, compose your digital menu including:

  • Your establishment logo integration
  • Insertion of the name of your establishment (under the logo and in the URL)
  • Menu adaptable freely on your own using a very simple and intuitive administration interface
  • Customized design (colours and matching)
  • Allergens display
  • Ingredients list display of your dishes
  • Forma web-app for your menu to give a simple access to your customers through a restaurant mobile app
  • A multilingual menu
  • Enrichment of your menu with photos of your dishes, videos of presentation, chef feedbacks, etc.
  • Provision of a customize printable display integrating your QR code (digital file provided)
  • Analyses of visitor traffic (statistics)
  • Possible temporary termination of the subscription during the off-peak period (without loss of data)

Choose your commitment period below:

149,00€ / month

To complete the “Seasonal” Offer,
these services could also help you

"Custom posters", an additional service of Carte de Restaurant

Realisation of your display tailor-made

We realize for you a display at your colours, with your QR Code to offer your customers a simple and fast way to access to your menu.

"Custom posters", an additional service of Carte de Restaurant

Integration of your first menu

In order to allow you to devote yourself to your business, we suggest that we integrate the elements of your first menu and adapt it, as best as possible, to your graphic charter.