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Accessible directly via your customers’ smartphones

Restaurants, brasseries, bistros, pubs, cafes… offer your customers a modern, ecological, economical and safe way to access the entire menu of your establishment.
In a dematerialized format, personalized with your company’s colors using restaurant menu software, and available directly on their smartphone via a QR code, offer your customers a « new generation » menu.

Your Restaurant Menu directly at the heart of your customers' smartphones

Your limitless digital menu

Whatever your customers’ smartphone, they just need an internet connection and specific apps to read the QR code available in your facility.


Carte de Restaurant is easy to use

Your customers just need to scan the QR code disposable in your facility to give them an instant access to your update menu.


Carte de restaurant is accessible via WIFI or wireless networks

A simple internet connection (WIFI, 3G, 4G…) and a QR code app is enough to access to your facility menu.


Carte de restaurant is more affordable than a regular solution

Many offers are available to fit your budget. Even the low-end provides a high-quality service!


The Carte de Restaurant solution is progressive

Each menu (even basic) can be improved and update in time via the card and menu creation software, according to your budget (you’re not limited).

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Our offers are non-binding.
You can cancel them at any time!

A meticulous menu creation!

A meticulous menu creation!

Your web-app menu enters in a new era. Here are some key points of our service.

A modern and ecological menu

Choose a more ecological system
with which you don’t waste paper anymore after each use,
and where your digital menu is host on a green server, based in France.

Carte de Restaurant is more environmentally friendly than a standard solution

Suitable with a large majority of smartphone

As long as your customers can access to internet with their smartphone, they can access to your menu, created via our professional menu creation software. Let it be on Android, iOS or Microsoft, everybody will be able to consult your menu easily and, above all, safely.

Carte de Restaurant is compatible with the majority of smartphones and tablets

Our offers

To each budget his menu creation offer.

«One Shot» Offer, the Carte de Restaurant's entry-level offer

“One Shot”

€89.90 / year

For the low budget that wish a restaurant menu creation software without limit their financial flexibility.

The offer includes:
  Your establishment logo
  The name of your establishment
  Customisable design
  Allergens display
  Ingredients list display
  Integration of a customised message
  Web-app menu version
  Customised QR Code provide
  Analyses of visitor traffic (statistics)

The «Basic» Offer, the basic offer of Carte de Restaurant


From €14.90 / month
or €178.80 / year

All includes in the “One Shot” Offer, plus:
  Editable menu freely
  A multilingual menu (option)

The «Pro» Offer, the intermediate offer of Carte de Restaurant


€29.90 / month
or €328.90 / year (1 month free)

All includes in the “Basic” Offer, plus:
  A multilingual menu
  Photo addition
  Printable display
  Unlimited sub-menu

The «Premium» Offer, the top-of-the-range offer on Carte de Restaurant


€39.90 / month
or €399.00 / year (2 months free)

All includes in the “Pro” Offer, plus:
  Video link addition
  Commentary addition
  Printable customised display
  Free initial integration of your menu

Offers for groups

Hotel groups, large restaurants, chains… offer all your establishments a digital menu accessible to your customers by QR code. Keep control of them with a centralized system allowing your teams to focus on their core business. For less than €9.00 excl. VAT / month / menu, offer your customers a modern way to access all of your menus.

The «Group» Offer, the offer dedicated to large establishments on Carte de Restaurant


From €209.30 / month
for 10 main menus

All includes in the “Pro” Offer, plus:
  Several main menus (10, 25 or 50)
  Video link addition
  Commentary addition
  Printable customised display

Offers for seasonal establishments

High mountain restaurants, campsites, rural lodges… offer your customers, during your summer or winter period, a digital menu accessible by QR code. In order to adapt to the seasonality constraints of your establishment, pause your subscription then relaunch it the following season, without losing any data from your menu.

Accueil - Carte de Restaurant


From €149.00 / month
Possible break of 9 months

All includes in the “Pro” Offer, plus:
  Possible suspension of the subscription during the off-peak period (without loss of data)
  Video link addition
  Commentary addition
  Printable customised display

Want to test our solution? Ask for a test account 72h available!

Our additional services to create your menu

To help you communicate

«Tailor-made poster», an additional service from Carte de Restaurant

Custom-made display


Transform your QR code in a piece of art in perfect match with the spirit of your establishment. Our illustrators will achieve a display at your image that you will be able to print at your own convenience.

«Initial integration», an additional service from Carte de Restaurant

Initial integration


Entrust the initial integration of your menu and its meticulous setting to us via our software Carte de restaurant; our team will integrate your various dishes the closest to your paper menu in order to fully satisfy your customers.

Creation of a menu: principles et results

A digital menu is a dematerialized card, accessible via a QR code. This menu visible online, setup on a Carte de restaurant software, get a high-quality and clarity as your paper menu. His appearance depends on your required criterion.

Designed to help restaurants managers and all the food trades, the digital menu resumes precisely your menu, your dishes and your wines. The online creation is possible thanks to the software for restaurant menu simple to use and deliver by His meticulous appearance suit perfectly to the smartphone small screen, but also for computer and tablet screens size.

Thanks to the menu creation software, formatting is simple and fast. You can use your creativity to heighten the aesthetics of your menus. During the various services, you don’t have to distribute a menu to each of your customers. You optimized your waiters time and save money on the paper menu prints.

Create a digital menu online first advantage makes you influence a broad public allowing to consult your menu anytime and anywhere. The customers know in advance the various dishes, so they can succumb to the temptation more easily and make a reservation for the evening or the next day.

As an experienced professional, you obviously want to protect your customers and your teams from health risks, but also to optimize the costs weighing on your establishment. Your customers and your employees will thank you for this innovative service, well adapted to the constraints of the 21st century.

With menu creation software, provision your customers with a brasserie, caterer or a delicatessen shop is easy and perfectly adapted to all budgets.

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