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Formule One Shot, la formule d'entrée de gamme de Carte de Restaurant

“One Shot” Plan

With the “One Shot” plan, enjoy a digital menu including:

  • Main menu
  • Integration of your establishment’s logo
  • Insertion of your establishment’s name (under the logo and in the URL)
  • Simple menu editable once a year (by us)
  • Custom design (colors and alignments)
  • Display of allergens
  • Display of ingredients in your dishes
  • Menu in web-app format for easy access by your customers, just like through a mobile application
  • Provided QR code
  • Traffic analysis (statistics)

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Single rate: 89.90 / year

A more efficient alternative to modernize your establishment!

Reinvent your processes for an optimal experience

Transform your operations, streamline table service, and ensure the safety of your customers with the innovative solution from carte-de-restaurant.fr. Provide an exceptional experience to your customers by offering a modern approach.

Explore the Simplicity of Our Solution for Creating a Digital Menu for Your Restaurant2024-04-11T16:32:07+02:00

With Carte de Restaurant’s One Shot plan, easily enter all your dishes under the name of your establishment and your logo, offering instant recognition to your customers.

Our system, as intuitive as a QR code, allows you to present your dishes without the need to print paper menus. This way, your customers will feel confident, without handling documents, while respecting your budget.

The Solution That Simplifies the Implementation of a Digital Menu for Your Establishment2024-04-11T16:33:14+02:00

With our One Shot plan, you can quickly add the essentials to your menu, including ingredients and allergen information.

Our solution is accessible via a web app, compatible with most smartphones. You can start with this plan to explore our services and then upgrade to more comprehensive options that allow you to further customize your menu, add images and videos, and update it at your own pace.

Create your account online in just a few minutes, access a secure space, and feel free to contact us for any assistance.

Is the One Shot Plan Too Limited?
These Solutions Can Offer You More!

La formule « Basique », l'offre de base de Carte de Restaurant

“Basic” Plan

16.90 / month
or 202.80 / year

Benefit, in addition to the “One Shot” plan, from an interface allowing you to modify your menu at will.

La formule « Pro », l'offre intermédiaire de Carte de Restaurant

“Pro” Plan

29.90 / month
or 328.90 / year (i.e. 1 month free)

In addition to the features of the “Basic” plan, you can enhance your menu with photos, create unlimited sub-menus, and translate menu items into multiple languages.

La formule « Premium », l'offre haut de gamme de Carte de Restaurant

“Premium” Plan

39.90 / month
or 399.00 / year (i.e. 2 months free)

Along with the benefits of the “Pro” plan, you can also enrich your menu with videos and comments, and receive a personalized poster to display your QR code.

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