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La formule « Basique », l'offre de base de Carte de Restaurant

“Basic” Plan

Thanks to the “Basic” menu creation plan, create your digital menu including:

  • Main menu
  • Integration of your establishment’s logo
  • Insertion of your establishment’s name (under the logo and in the URL)
  • Menu editable at will by you through a simple and intuitive administration interface
  • Customizable design (colors and alignments)
  • Display of allergens
  • Display of ingredients of your dishes
  • Menu in web-app format so your customers can access it as easily as through a restaurant mobile app or other
  • Provided QR code
  • Visitor analysis (statistics)

Choose your commitment period below, or compare our other plans:

Monthly rate: 14.90 / month

Annual rate: 178.80 / year

Monthly rate: 16.90 / month

Annual rate: 202.80 / year

Innovation at your fingertips with QR Code!

Simplify the Digital Transition of Your Establishment

Facilitate the digital transition of your establishment with Carte de Restaurant. Our menu creation solution is extremely user-friendly: no application to download. Your menu goes digital and opens instantly with just a QR Code. In summary, our online service allows you to fully embrace the digital age.

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Once your menu creation is complete, your digital menu can be smoothly accessed online, facilitating seamless reading. This enables your customers to browse through your entire menu, aiding them in making their choices without delay.

The creation of menus and cards is entirely customizable and can be modified at any time. With the Basic plan of Carte de Restaurant, you have unlimited access to your menu: make changes anytime, day or night, through our intuitive and user-friendly interface. You also have full control over the design, colors, and layout of each element, thus highlighting the dishes you want.

Discover the Elements Included in Our Digital Restaurant Menu Solution2024-04-10T13:57:50+02:00

A successful creation of restaurant menus takes into account the specifics of your establishment and customizes according to your needs. Your logo is prominently displayed above the name of your establishment or brand, and many details are specified, such as the ingredients of each dish and any potential allergens.

With our menu and card creation system, your customers can still enjoy the charm and friendliness of ordering from your staff while having access to this information via their mobile device. On your end, you don’t need to disinfect the menus between each table, saving you time, a precaution that has become necessary in these times of health crisis.

Choose our menu and card creation solution and take advantage of our advantageous offers, with monthly or annual subscription options.

To Complement the Basic Plan,
These Services Could Be Useful for You

"Basic" Plan - Carte de Restaurant

Integration of Your First Menu

To allow you to focus on your business, we offer to integrate the elements of your first menu and adapt it to your branding as best as possible.

"Basic" Plan - Carte de Restaurant

Customized Poster Design for You

We create, for you, a poster in your colors, integrating your QR code to offer your customers a simple and quick way to access your menu.

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