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La formule « Pro », l'offre intermédiaire de Carte de Restaurant

“Pro” Plan

With the “Pro” plan, create your digital menu including:

  • Main menu
  • Unlimited sub-menus
  • Integration of your establishment’s logo
  • Insertion of your establishment’s name (under the logo and in the URL)
  • Menu editable at will by you via a simple and intuitive administration interface
  • Customizable design (colors and alignments)
  • Display of allergens
  • Display of ingredients of your dishes
  • Menu in web-app format so your customers can access it as easily as through a mobile application
  • Multilingual menu
  • Enrichment of your menu with your dish photos
  • Provision of a printable poster integrating your QR code
  • Attendance analysis (statistics)

Choose your commitment period below, or compare our other plans:

Monthly rate: 29.90 / month

Annual rate: 328.90 / year (i.e. 1 month free)

A very comprehensive plan for creating an online restaurant menu

Choose Economic and Ecological Innovation

Offering your customers access to an online menu is an economic and ecological innovation. More and more customers appreciate innovative establishments that highlight environmentally friendly and budget-friendly solutions. With carte-de-restaurant.fr, you provide your clientele with the opportunity to view the menu online while still enjoying the privilege of receiving advice from an experienced server.

Simplified Creation of Your Digital Restaurant Menu2024-04-10T14:54:11+02:00

After creating your menu online, we generate a dedicated QR code for your restaurant menu. This code provides full access to your menus and all the information on your page. Opt for the pro plan, which is more comprehensive than the basic option, for a menu that is 100% personalized with your logo, the name and URL of your establishment, the ability to adjust the design, modify your menus and prices as you wish, add photos of your dishes, and offer your menu in multiple languages.

Creating your restaurant menu online has never been easier!

The Benefits of the Online Restaurant Menu for Customers2024-04-10T15:08:11+02:00

Beyond health considerations, viewing a digital menu is a fun and enjoyable experience for customers.

Accessing a menu via a QR code is also extremely simple. Simply scan the QR code using your smartphone’s camera to bring up the menu, provided by Carte de Restaurant. Each online restaurant menu is associated with a unique QR code, easy to set up.

The QR code for restaurant menu primarily serves as a means to communicate with your clientele, showing that you are keeping up with technology and adapting to changing constraints, whether temporary or permanent.

If you wish to create your restaurant menu online, Carte de Restaurant’s pro plan guides you through hygiene protocols while providing powerful tools!

To Complement the Pro Plan,
These Services Could Be Useful

"Pro" Plan - Carte de Restaurant

Integration of Your First Menu

To allow you to focus on your business, we offer to integrate the elements of your first menu and adapt it to your branding as best as possible.

"Pro" Plan - Carte de Restaurant

Customized Poster Design for You

We create, for you, a poster in your colors, integrating your QR code to offer your customers a simple and quick way to access your menu.

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